Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26 - To Astoria, Oregon

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It was a day of travelling on boring highways through Portland, then along the Columbia river  to Astoria. It drizzled rain most of the way. I did not sit in the passenger seat to watch for photo ops that might pass by. Lesson Learned: It is not a wise action to sit in the interior without looking at the moving scenery frequently. You can guess what happened.


The spring bushes here are in bloom and are so pretty. They have azaleas growing (some the size of 10’ trees) in all colours, a popular bush spread around everywhere; reds, pinks, orange, peach white. The forsythia seems to grow wild as bushed crop up on empty properties. They do a nice job planting contrasting coloured leaf bushes side by side, like the sand cherry next to spirea and evergreens.

As this is the US memorial day weekend the only campsite we could get was another KOA. We talked to the ranger at the state park and he said this weekend has been booked solid for 9 months.


We arrived about 2 pm; set up and went to town to check out the information center. We wandered around town a bit but it started to pour rain and then decided to have dinner out. The first place we went to was way too pricey, the second was closed and the third was “just right” . We continue our east coast tradition of trying chowder every opportunity we can. It and the rest of the meal was very good.

We consider this the real start to our trip. No more long days of driving, just a lot of exploration. We are going to slowly move down the Oregon coast as the first leg.

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