Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20 – To Valleyview, Alberta

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The road today was all 4 lane divided highway. Very boring. As it goes around most of the town we don’t get to see them at all.


We are currently parked at the visitor’s center just outside Valleyview. The ladies inside gave us a lot of tips on our upcoming travel and said it was OK to park here overnight.

There really was a valley view far off into the distance.


The highlight today for me was the partial solar eclipse. We are not in the direct path of the shadow but we did see the moon take a large bite out of the sun.

I set up my scope with the camera and a solar filter on the end, which blocks out most of the light making it safe to look through the eyepiece or the camera viewfinder.


The progression

IMG_1006559 IMG_1006566
IMG_1006571 IMG_1006580
IMG_1006599 IMG_1006610

The small specks that you can see on the sun in the pictures are sunspots.

In Toronto, I am told my fellow amateur astronomers only saw the beginning before the sun set. Here the sun was about 30 degrees up when it started at around 6 pm local time and about 15 degrees up when it ended at around 8. The sky was mostly clear. There were a few clouds but I couldn’t really ask for much more.

Tomorrow we are off to Dawson Creek, BC and the start of the Alaska Highway.

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