Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21 – To Dawson Creek, BC

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Today we made the short trip over to Dawson Creek and the start of the Alaska highway.

The only thing remotely interesting during the drive was this giant sundial at the visitor’s center in Grand Prairie.


It took us a while to get into our site at the Mile 0 RV Park. The first one they gave us was way too small. The road to the next one was blocked by all the people lining up to dump their tanks in preparation for going home after the long weekend. I counted 10 RV’s and trailers in the line. Once we did get to the site it was not very level. It took all our blocks to even get close. There are 3 2x10s under the front wheels.

The park is relatively busy even tonight. I am not sure if this is a herald of things to come because Dawson Creek is the collection point for RVers heading north.

After lunch we went over to the visitor’s center to collect more brochures and then take the mandatory pictures next to all the “Mile 0” markers.


A sculpture honoring the road surveyors pointing to Alaska.



This one is in the middle of an intersection. I am not sure if it is ever busy but it was especially quiet today because of the holiday.

The girl at the center suggested we drive up to a ridge where they have a line of 30 wind generators. Jennie was bored but I found it interesting to go right up to the base and hear the whoosh of the blades as they turn. I think with a bit of a hike you could get to the edge of the ridge for a view but we were just not in the mood.


It was kind of mesmerizing watching them slowly turn.

Then since it was too early to go back to the RV we drove out to see the old wooden railway trestle.


It looked like the valley was a popular place for ATVs.


The weather has been kind of grey since we got here and it looked like rain in the distance but it held off. We are getting a few sprinkles now that we are back at the RV.

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