Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23 – To Fort Nelson, BC

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It is still kind of cloudy and gloomy so we changed our plans a bit.

The next section of the highway is supposed to be very picturesque with lots of long distance views as we cross the Rockies. The forecast for tomorrow and the next few days call for mostly sunny so we decided to pause for a day and wait for the good weather.

We just moved 100 km up to the road to Fort Nelson, to a full hookup campground.


There were even fewer vehicles on the road today


After the recent rain, the “campground” is really just a muddy parking lot but at least, since they are renovating the washroom, the price is only $20.

It’s kind of a depressing place but we are not here for the view. We just want the hookups to reset our tanks. It looks like they just spread a new layer of gravel. There are lots of places without any tire tracks, Jennie won’t even step out of the RV and I don’t blame her.


Not much to do here so we are just relaxing watching some TV, doing some more planning for the next few days and hoping the forecasters are correct.

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