Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sep 13 – Across Saskatchewan to Winnipeg

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Yesterday was another windy day but we were always going downwind so it was an easy drive across the middle of Saskatchewan.

Some people find it boring but I much prefer this to driving through a tunnel of trees. The scenery always changes a bit and I love the horizon to horizon views.

No exciting pictures. They are just a record of what we saw.




I am not sure what this place was that they felt is necessary to mount the old harvester up on a tower.






There are no rest stops along this stretch of the highway and there were no convenient places in the small towns that we went through so I finally just pulled over on the shoulder so we could have lunch.



We are starting to see more and more trees.


We spent the night in the municipal campground in the town of Churchbridge near the Manitoba border. When I first plugged into the electrical hookup my surge protector complained. I checked the outlet and the white and black wires were reversed. Not good. I turned off the circuit breaker on the post, rewired it and then the RV was happy.


Today was much the same as yesterday except that we lost the advantage of the tailwind. At least it was not a headwind.




We actually had a hill today. It was the valley of the Assiniboine River. I had to take it out of cruise control for a while.



At Portage la Prairie we finished the Yellowhead Highway and are now on the TransCanada Highway 1 for the rest of our trip. The section into Winnipeg is divided 4 lane and every one was moving along so I had to pick it up a bit to not be a nuisance.


I had thought about spending a day or two in Winnipeg to break up the drive home but we seem to be in a going home frame of mind so I think we save it for another trip. We are just at another Walmart tonight and will move on tomorrow.

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  1. Love that harvester on the tower!! Gotta drive the across Canada and through the prairies sometime soon!!