Monday, September 17, 2012

Sep 17 – To Our Cottage

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It was a long drive today at about 7 hours but I figured we were close enough to the end at the cottage to do it in one day and then I would rest.

I think the scenery along the eastern side of Lake Superior is better than the northern side. Unfortunately it rained most of the day meaning we didn’t get any really good pictures.

I read a poster in the campground that said there weren’t a lot of maples up here so we shouldn’t expect the vivid red leaves but a lot of yellow. There was a bit of colour as we drove out of the campground. Notice I am straddling the center line as the RV is really too wide for the road.


Until we got back along side the big lake there were a lot of very picturesque small lakes beside the highway but they either appeared too quickly for a picture or the camera focused on the rain drops on the window.

As we got farther south the maples started appearing along with their bright red leaves but on such a dull day they don’t show up very well.



Going through Lake Superior Provincial Park was especially scenic.


But right after lunch the rain started getting very heavy,


You have to use your imagination to tell how the small rocky islands and beaches would look in the sun. The trees were very colourful here as well.



Right around Sault St. Marie the rain let up a bit to see this long line of trees next to the highway.

Driving across the top of Lake Huron you don’t see much of the lake.


The rain really started again. It just came down in buckets. Cars were driving very slowly with their flashers on. And then came the lightning.


We realized we had not seen any lighting all summer. Lots of rain but no thunderstorms. I wonder if they just don’t get them on the coast.

We are now safely ensconced at the cottage. We will stay here a few days. It all depends on the weather as to when we go home. I really miss being out in the boat so hopefully we get at least one nice day.


And so ends the blog for this year.

I will post a final summary page as I have for the other trips when we get home. We probably tried to see too much but with the the distances involved who knows if or when we will get back so we wanted to be thorough.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip and a special thanks to my friend Mike for all the comments.

The current idea for next summer is a short trip out east and then more time at the cottage but last year at this time my plan for this summer was to go to Utah so …

Until next summer.

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  1. Stuart & Jennie - Welcome home! We really looked forward to reading your daily blog and marvelled at how much effort you put into describing what you saw not to mention all those fantastic pictures! It's a great guide for future travel!! We'll miss it!