Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12 – To Sechelt, British Columbia

It is time to explore the Sunshine Coast for a few weeks. Today we made the move to the Bayside RV Park in Sechelt.

To get there you have to take a 40 minute ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale.

It was a grey, very cool day which I normally don’t mind when we are travelling but I would have preferred nicer weather on the ferry.


We could see the Sea to Sky highway carved into the mountains.



There were not a lot of people out on deck.


There were lots of layers of misty mountains looking up Howe Sound.




It was not our normal ferry ride. We had a bit of a mishap exiting the boat.

Just as I was driving up the ramp, one of the crew members started yelling at me to stop. One of the U bolts that was holding the bike rack to the car hitch had broken and the bike was dragging on the ground. So there I was blocking everyone from getting off the boat. One of the crew actually held up the bike as I slowly made my way up a little farther until I was, at least, only blocking one lane.

A very nice gentleman, who was waiting to board, came over to help me quickly pull the bike the rest of the way off the back of the RV and stuff it through the door and inside the RV.

Thankfully there was no damage to the bike or the rack itself.

I guess I should be happy it happened there, while I was going slow and somebody was there to quickly notice it, and not after a bad bounce on the highway. Although I am wondering if I my have bottomed out getting on to the boat and snapped it off.

For now we will just carry the bike on the roof racks on the car.

So, after that excitement it was just a short drive to our campground in Sechelt. I notice that when people say Sechelt it comes out closer to Seashell.

We got a nice big, wooded, full service site.

And NO RAILWAY, although there is a road behind us that seems to get a lot of day traffic. It has been much quieter this evening.


Because of the trees, for the first time this trip, I had to break out the tripod mounted dish.


It started to rain as we were setting up and after our adventure we just rested and didn’t even bother going to the visitor’s center, as we normally do.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy all day so we’ll see if we can do anything but by the weekend it is supposed to be sunny and in the high 20s C.

We are here for a week.

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  1. Phew! Close call with the bike! You're probably right about the cause of failure of the U bolt! We have many fond memories taking that ferry to see Jane's uncle who was living on Redroofs Road just south of Half Moon Bay. He built his house there in the late 60's after retiring and moving there from Toronto. He even ran the lighthouse when the keeper needed to take a few days off! Of course you're in Bruno Geruss's Beachcomber tv show territory. The show was filmed with around the town of Gibsons and the last last time we were there Molly's Reach was still a landmark. Have fun!!!!