Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 12 – Through Iowa to Omaha, Nebraska

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We are heading out without sights to see because our agenda is to get out to the west coast as soon as possible and the leisurely drive back east through the major parks and canyons.  The scenery is pretty much huge farms (they seem to run on as far as the eye can see and then some).  There was a stretch of wind turbines (one had Stuart’s name on it, in the town of Stuart), only one dead dear and many smaller critter carcasses on the road.

I expected Iowa to me much flatter. It was all rolling hills with lots of hills and valleys. I guess you notice it more in the motorhome when you have to accelerate down each hill so that you don’t slow down too much on the next hill. We are definitely the slowest thing on the highway. We only passed on vehicle all day and it was somebody moving in a stuffed car and U-haul.

The first public campground we drove into was waterlogged and there were no other campers in it so we circled around and left.  Just down the interstate a bit we pulled into Cunningham Lake city recreation area and set up camp here.  I was glad that we did not stay at the other park, as it started to rain heavily around 10:00 pm and we were on higher ground here.

Our weather radio has been broadcasted warnings all evening starting at 6:00 pm warning of possible tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail and flash floods in the surrounding counties, as of yet none pertaining to where we were settled tonight.  As the evening wore on, the inclement weather reports came more frequently and about our location.  We can see almost constant flashes of lightning and hear the rain pounding around us.  Stuart pulled in the satellite dish and disconnected the power cable as we were concerned about our equipment from the wind and power surges.

Thankfully we never got any hail. It was just a noisy night spent it was reading in bed night to keep warm and cozy.

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