Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17 – To Salt Lake City, Utah

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Well today we had a bit of everything as far as weather goes. 

Most of the pictures were through the windshield so the quality is not that great.

When we left the campsite there was a gentle rain and NO WIND. As we climbed higher up to the continental divide it turned to snow which was quite heavy at times.


Back down lower, the rain stopped and it was just cloudy.


By lunch it had gotten quite sunny but then we would go back up over the divide a few times and we would hit localized quite heavy rain showers.



Once we hit Utah it was sunshine all the way. It was also downhill for about 100 kilometers all the way to our destination which did wonders for the gas mileage. We also saw our first mountain.



When we awoke this morning the temperature was about 4C, by lunch it was around 11C. Here in Utah it is a quite pleasant 17C.

The campsite we are at was recommended on a review website but I am not impressed. We are packed in like sardines.


In case anyone was wondering here is some gas mileage info. We bought a trip computer that sits on the dash that give the all kinds of info but one of the displays is the instantaneous miles per gallon. It also gives us the average by day or by fill up. Along a level road with no wind we get about 9 MPG at 60MPH/ 32LPH at 100KPH. Driving in the winds in Nebraska I averaged 5.5 MPG. Today with the few ups and long downs it was about 7.8 MPG. Seeing it drop down into the 2 or 3 range going up a hill encourages Stuart to just let the RV slow down rather than trying to keep the speed up. Even then on some of the steeper hills we struggle to keep above 40 MPH. He is also getting better at speeding up on the downhill’s to gain momentum for the next uphill.

Tomorrow we are going to spend the day sight seeing around Salt Lake City.

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