Friday, August 10, 2012

Aug 10 – Takhini Hot Springs

Not much exciting to report today. The post will mainly remind us what we did.

There is a tourism contest in the Yukon. You can get a passport book and then if you get 20 stamps from tourism sites around the territory, your name is put in a draw for 5 ounces of gold. There are a lot of the sites in Whitehorse but the contest hadn’t yet started when we went through in May. Today we went back to each one to get the stamp. Jennie is up to 17 stamps now and there are 4 more in places we will be going back to.

While we were going from site to site we saw this truck with what looked like crocheted blankets all over it. Why? I do not know.


For lunch we went to a restaurant that all the people, whose blogs I have read, seem to go to when they visit Whitehorse. The Klondike Rib and Salmon BBQ has seemed very busy each time we went by, this and the last visit. We tried today at 1 pm and got right in, although there were still a lot of people. I had halibut fish and chips and Jennie had a craving for some ribs. Mine was very good. Jennie felt that the ribs were a bit overdone and the sauce was very overpowering.

On the way north, since we had just been to the Liard Hot Springs we skipped the Takhini Hot Springs which are just north of the city. This morning had been a bit gloomy but in the afternoon it turned into a bright sunny day so off we went.


There was no sulphur smell but the mineral contents is very high. The closer pool is where the spring water enters and it is much hotter than the other section across the dividing wall. There are little swinging doors in the wall to get between the sections. I am guessing they add cooler water to the other part because the temperature difference was huge in just the one step through the door.

One surprising thing was that the covered steps into the cooler section didn’t go into the shallow end but into 5 feet of water. It sure startled Jennie when she first went in.

We lounged around for a couple of hours, in and out of the pools, before heading back to the RV very relaxed.

Tomorrow we move on to Skagway if the weather stays clear.

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