Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aug 19 – To Bell 2 Lodge

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We just moved a few hundred kilometers down the Cassier Highway closer to Stewart.

The first part was kind of boring. The highway was pretty smooth but there are no lines, no shoulders and a 5 foot steep ditch on either side. No daydreaming allowed.




We went up and down some low passes and then through 40 km of new compacted gravel surface that still had lots of loose stones. We got stopped for a one way section so we got in a line. Thankfully we were second of about 6, behind this guy because in some spots there was a lot of dust. We just kept our distance.

We are now driving along side the Coast Mountains. Everything in the distance was a bit hazy.


We drove beside several lakes.


Before our plans changed yesterday, one of our possible overnight stops had been Lake Kinaskan Provincial Park. We drove in for a look around and see if we could get into the day use area to have lunch. Here is the view from one of the campsites that we would have fit into. There was nowhere to turn the beast around in the day use area so we went on.



This yellow flower seems to have taken over the roadside from the fireweed.



A very shiny glacier off in the haze.

This was another potential overnight spot but there were already a bunch of people here so we had lunch and moved on.



We drove through a  beautiful deep narrow mountain valley but the picture don’t do it justice. I am including one, more as a reminder to us.



We went through a long section where they were ripping out all the trees on either side of the road. We weren’t sure why but what a mess. There were huge teepees of the remains. I wondered if they were just going to burn them.


After passing a few more possible turnouts that were now in the construction, we ended up at my fallback overnight location at the Bell 2 Lodge. It is hot here at around 28C. They had full hookup sites for $36 but the power was only 15 amp. Since this wouldn’t allow us to run the air conditioner we just took the $25 no hookup site. It also turned out to be the only site with a hole in the trees for the satellite dish.


This is a beautiful resort with a bunch of log cabins in a ring with nice flower gardens in front of each one.



Time for a few flower and ornamental cabbage pictures.



Unopened poppies.




This building had a fitness center, massage, and sauna. A hot tub is in a gazebo behind it.


It also had a garden on the roof.


RV’ers are allowed to use to sauna and hot tub so of course we did. The sauna wasn’t very hot so we just went into the tub. The only problem is that there are a LOT of flies around here. I had to wear my hat and Jennie had to wear her head net while we sat in the tub. Afterwards we had nice long showers (dual show heads!) and used the provided soaps, shampoo and towels. Very relaxing and civilized.

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  1. Beautiful flowers!! Looks like you're heaading into some warm weather. The mountains, glaciers and lakes are beautiful!!!!