Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aug 9 – Back to Whitehorse

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There is not much to report today except that it is the 100th day of this year’s trip. It also happens to be the 365th or one years worth of nights that we have spent in the RV. We got the Rv on April 1, 2010 so we have had it 860 days. That’s a pretty good use percentage (42%). We probably have 40 or so more days to this trip.

It was a cold morning, only about 8C outside. When we looked up at the low mountains of Kluane National Park beside the highway, we think there was a light dusting of new snow and it seemed snowing now there. Winter is coming. The lady at today’s RV park says that business is starting to slow, as mid August is really the end of summer up here.

It rained most of the night but we only got the occasional bit of drizzle on the way to Whitehorse. The trip was pretty routine along a wide valley between low hills on either side.



We are back at the same RV park and the same site we had when we went through here at the end of May. It sure seems like a long time ago.


We made a restocking run to Walmart and the Great Canadian Superstore and I finally found a place to get a haircut. My head feels so much lighter. I gave her a big tip for all the hair that had to come off.

The Walmart parking lot still looks like an RV park with people obviously staying for more than one night.


Here is an RV that seems to say “Roads, I don’t need no stinking roads”.



There were two of them from Austria. I wonder what it cost to ship them. We have seen quite a few of them throughout the trip.

The weather forecast for Saturday seems to best for the scenic drive down to Skagway so we will stay here at least another day.

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