Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 14 – To Lake Toxaway, North Carolina

Today we made the very short move south to the Riverbend Rv Resort at Lake Toxaway. It was only about a 40 minute drive but the last 8 miles had a large truck advisory. I collected a line of cars behind as I negotiated the hills and hairpins but there was nowhere to pull off.


The lady at the desk said that coming in from the west was even worse.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this campground. All the reviews online were glowing and said how friendly everyone was but the place look tiny. I think there are only 25 sites.

The entrance and road in made me wonder if I had chosen badly. The entrance is the gravel driveway on the right.


I would hate to meet an RV coming out.


But then we got in. I think this is the best RV park we have ever been in.


Jennie liked the herb garden behind the office.


The Sunny Peaches Rv Club from Georgia is having a rally here. All but 3 sites are filled mostly with very large rigs.


Here is our site.


The lady in the office said that every day at 5 pm they ring a bell and everybody comes down for happy hour in their pavilions.




A nice trout stream runs beside the park.


And every Saturday they host a pot luck dinner in a bigger pavilion up the hill behind the park.


Full kitchen, fireplace, BBQ, etc …


Overlooking a trout pond.



Since the weather forecast for the rest of the week is looking kind of bleak we decided to do something this afternoon while we could.

Whitewater Falls are 411 feet tall and are said to be the highest waterfalls east of the Mississippi. They were just a short drive away and then 1/4 mile walk on a paved trail.

The only problem was that you couldn’t get very close. The only viewpoint was rather far away and there was exactly one spot to stand on the deck where you could see all of the falls through the trees.


Looking over the railing I saw a very rough trail to a slightly less obscured point.

Looking back up at Jennie.





There were some interesting plants alongside the trail. Jennie said this was a Tulip Tree.




A berry bush.


Lots of wild roses.


And a thorny little plant.



That was really soft out at the end near the tiny flower,


We headed back to the RV. A short while later there was a knock on the door. It was the Campground manager that had come to introduce herself. She had taken my reservation over the phone a few weeks ago. We had been checked in by someone else.

She said that because of the rally, the plan was a bit different. They weren’t doing the regular potluck but were putting on some meals for the rally participants. She said we were more than welcome to join as long as we paid a bit extra for the meals.

So for $35 for both of us, we get a hamburger and fries BBQ tonight, an Eggs Benedict breakfast and a steak dinner tomorrow. Sold.

At 5 pm the bell went off and we headed down. Everyone is really friendly and we had some good conversations.


At 6 the bell went off again and we lined up for dinner.


A big burger, fries, baked beans, cookies and cake. We were supposed to bring our own plate and utensils so I had to go back to the RV. We talked to some more people from the rally about the RV lifestyle while we ate at the picnic tables.

Then everyone that wanted to gathered around a table to play LRC or left, right, center. You put 3 quarters in front of you. Then you take turns rolling a set of 3 dice that have either a L, a R, a C or a dot. If one or more Ls turn up you pass that many quarters to the person on your left. For Rs you pass to the right. For Cs you put the quarters in the pot which is a basket in the center. For a dot you do nothing.


After having passed some quarters you may only roll 1 or 2 die if you only have 1 or 2 quarters left.  If you have no quarters you don’t roll but are still in the game because someone could have to pass some to you. The game ends when only one person has some quarters left and they win all the money in the pot.  It took quite a while with this number of people. Lots of fun.

We headed back to the RV afterwards.

What is normally a boring moving day turned into an unexpectedly great day.

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  1. Looks like a great campsite! Great research!!!!! Enjoy!!