Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20 – Back to Highlands

We have gone to all the waterfalls that had been on my must see list so today we just played tourist and went back to downtown Highlands.

We are leaving tomorrow and it will be nice to get back to some straight roads. For the last week I don’t think I have driven more than a few hundred yards without having to turn a sharp corner which are usually 20 mph blind hairpins. You cannot take your mind off the road for a second. My biggest fear is that we have often come around one of the blind corners to see a car coming at us that has drifted way over the center line.

It is weird how our campground seems to be on the dividing line between normal people with normal houses to the east, and rich, old white folks living in massive high end gated condo communities to the west of us. Just about every valley has a golf course and every hill with a view has a condo development.

As a comparison, here again is the entrance to our campground.


Here is the entrance to the only other “campground” in the area, Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort. Class A motorhomes only with a minimum length of 26 feet.


Whereas ours was $225 for the week, these sites, their website said, are around $550 before you add any options, whatever that means. We should have tried it for a day or two just to see how the other half lives.

On to Highlands. The main street is the tourist district and is lined with the usual shops.


All of the restaurants and most of the shops were out of our price range. If a restaurant was even open for lunch the mains were in the $30 range.


Our poor little 15 year old CRV was kind of out classes by all the Lexi, Mercedes and Beemers. I found a matching set.


Lots of flowers around.



We did find one store of interest.


It had a huge assortment of jams, honey, dips and sauces with open sample jars for everything. This was the warning at the door.





We sampled a lot but ended up only buying some wine. $10 for a small bottle of dip was just too much.

To keep everyone amused the brown bags hanging all over the store had interesting questions or sayings.


After wandering around unsuccessfully looking for gifts we headed down to the grocery store / deli / coffee shop / pizza place. We had some good pizza. We know we are in the wrong store when it has a large section for “Artisanal Oils and Vinegars”.

We stopped at a real grocery store called Ingles in Cashiers on the way home.

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