Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 4 – Dawson City, Yukon

We went back to town and did a few more Parks Canada building tours.

The first was the theatre. It is actually a new building (1960’s) because the original had not been built to account for the permafrost and so was in too bad a shape to save. This is the place where we saw the TV show last night.



For lunch we decided to explore across the river a bit. The ferry obviously won’t have any trouble with our RV when it is time.


The ferry attendant, originally from Peterborough Ontario, told us about a great lookout back to the town so this is where we had lunch.


The pictures never seem to do the view justice. To get a wide enough angle to see everything, it gets all scrunched up and seems much smaller than it was in real life.

In town we had heard some guy playing the bongo drums. Sitting way up here we could still hear them very clearly. Maybe the hill behind town reflects the sound.


The smaller Klondike River joins the Yukon River here. You can see the line between the different coloured waters.


After lunch we toured the Commissioner's residence. Jennie is collecting stamps in a park passport at each stop.

We had to wear little booties to protect the carpet.



The antler chair was a replica so you could sit in it.


I seem to remember one of my grandparent’s houses having light switches like this.



We went around collecting a few more stamps.





It had been sunny and clear all day but then we saw lightning in the distance and headed back. Literally the minute we were back inside the RV it came down in buckets.


Tonight we went to Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall to see the show.


There is an 8:30, 10:30 and midnight show which we are told get progressively more risqué.  You can stay for all of them if you want. Being old fogies and having an early morning tomorrow, we just stayed for the 8:30 show. She was a good singer and a lot of fun.


All of the shots of the girls dancing were very blurry. Of course some of the guys had to go up on the stage and dance.

Snapshot - 1



The girls went through the saloon afterwards talking to people and of course the one that talked to us was from Toronto. She lived on Bathurst Street.

Tomorrow we are going to take the CRV part way up the Dempster highway. It will be a long day.

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  1. I'm sorry you weren't one of the ones called up on stage! I'm sure you're sorry too.