Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30 – Towards Canada

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We liked to stay at the viewpoint so much we decided to try another.

First we drove for an hour up the rest of the Tok Cutoff Highway to Tok. No mountains but still a nice drive.



A long straight stretch into Tok


We stopped in Tok for gas and groceries. I hadn’t told Jennie how many days we would be away from any stores so we were running short on some of the basics. Since we also had been without internet for 3 days I tried to find a hotspot to update the blog and get the weather but the only place I could find was very slow.

Onward from Tok, back on the Alaska Highway, the views were OK as we followed some rivers and lakes.


Always some construction.


I had used our guidebook again to pick out a likely viewpoint however it turned out the entrance looked like a driveway and the viewpoint sign from our direction was missing. Therefore I went right by it and then saw the sign on the north bound side. Since there was nowhere large enough for me to turn around we stopped and used the book to find a plan B.

I am really glad we missed the first one. This one is called Highway Lake Viewpoint.



I was a little more worried about the traffic noise at this one since it is right next to the Alaska Highway just a few miles from the border crossing back into Canada. Other than the tiny crossing that we used to enter Alaska on the dirt Top of the World Highway, this is the only way in or out of Alaska for all vehicle traffic.

Again we were amazed at how little traffic there was. We got there about 3 pm and during the afternoon there might be one vehicle, usually an RV of some kind, every 15 minutes. In the evening it went way down from that. During our stay we also only heard about 6 trucks go by. I guess everything comes by ship into the state.

There was a pair of trumpeter swans in the lake. They never did come very close.

The view was pleasant but got better and better as the evening went on.

First it clouded over with rain showers to the south and east of us but still sunshine in a band to the west.




We got a very strong short rainbow in the east. I haven’t seen one where I could see all the colours in a long time.


We could see just a hint of the other end at the top of the hill in the south.


Then it faded a bit but expanded in the east. You can just see at the left, below.


The actual sunset got better and better.



A close up of the trees on the far shore reflecting in the calm water. One of my favourite pictures of the trip.



All these were taken from the RV windows. I spent the entire time staring and snapping pictures.

We had another 5th wheel trailer join us for the night. They must have been in a hurry. They arrived at 9 pm and left at 6:30 am.

I think we have a new winner as best campsite.

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