Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aug 16 – Back to Watson Lake

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Another gorgeous day and a beautiful place to wake up. I am glad we have the leveling jacks because the pullouts are not very flat.


We headed back to Watson Lake for three things. We had to put up our sign, Jennie had to get the last stamps and we needed gas before we started down the Cassier Highway.

The Klondike Highway up to Carcross was just a beautiful as last time. I will try not to duplicate pictures.



The water right at Carcross was very calm.



We turned east here onto the road to Tagish.


These pictures are from the bridge at Tagish.


We then rejoined the Alaska Highway. Anywhere else the scenery along here would be great but it was mostly miles and miles of this.


Trying to take pictures through the windshield was tough. The camera just wanted to focus on the bugs.


We passed this convoy of at least 20 motorhomes. They were pulling out of a viewpoint and just came out one after another with no spaces. I’ll bet the truckers just loved catching up to them. Thankfully they were heading north.


We stopped near Teslin at a Tlingit Heritage Center for another stamp to Jennie’s Yukon Tourism passport.






Our next stop was Rancheria Falls to stretch our legs on the short boardwalk.


There were two small falls on either side of an island. They were nice but I am glad we didn’t have to hike for a hour to get there. We didn’t stay long because there seemed to be some tiny stinging bugs that were driving us crazy.


We left this morning at 9:30 and got to Watson Lake at 4:30. It was a much longer than usual drive but there just didn’t seem to be any reason to stop sooner.


Once we got settled in, Jennie went to the visitor’s center and got the last of the 20 stamps required for her entry in the contest to win the 5 ounces of gold from Yukon Tourism.

After dinner we went back to the signpost forest and nailed up the sign I had made from some driftwood at the Skagway harbour.



If anyone ever happens to come here and wants to find our sign among the 75000 others, first go to the large green power shovel that you see in the background above. Then go to the first row of posts to the west and our sign is on the middle post of the row, three posts over from the post with the SPARTA sign on top.

Someone heading off into the sunset.


Tomorrow we head down the Cassier Highway towards Stewart and Hyder.

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