Friday, August 24, 2012

Aug 23 – To Terrace, BC

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Two gloomy days. Nothing exciting to report so this is just a status update.

Yesterday we stayed in while I did some research on what to do in the next few weeks. After reading a lot of blogs and tourism brochures, I was falling asleep so we went for a walk around town.

We have no idea what this was.



When we were walking by the bakery this sticky bun leapt out and attacked us so we had to go in. It put up a good fight but in the end we were victorious.


After that we decided that we had better extend our walk to work off a few more of those calories but it started to rain. We were not prepared for it so we headed back.

Today we made the move down to Terrace. It rained all day with low clouds so there are no good scenery shots but these just remind us what it was like.



We are tucked into this nice little campground behind the Wild Duck Motel.


The weather for the next two day calls for rain while the three after that are supposed to be sunny. I would really like to do the two days trips I had planned in the sun so we are not sure how long we are staying. We are booked for three nights here. After that our site has been reserved and we have to move. There is a nice municipal campground down the road that we checked out.

It all depends on the weather.

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  1. It looks like a nice spacious RV spot! That sticky bun is making us hungry!!!