Saturday, May 5, 2018

May 5 – To Kelowna, British Columbia

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Yesterday was a day off for some chores. As I was sitting in the grocery store parking lot waiting for Jennie I got a call from my daughter. There had been a huge wind storm in Toronto with 100 kph gusts. I had heard that it was coming and was worried about my roof because I am always getting shingles lifting up as I don’t think the guys that did it last time got the shingles to seal to each other very well.

We have a side split and 1/4 of the roof faces north, which is apparently the direction that the wind came from. She sent me some pictures. About 1/3 of the shingles on this section just lifted up and flipped over the peak.

It peeled the section with the roof vent right off.



The south facing side with some of the shingles that didn’t blow right off the roof.


Thank goodness she and her partner are staying in the house. They managed to move back enough shingles and nail down some tarps so that it should be temporarily good if it rains.


From the news it seems that a there was a lot of wind damage so who knows how long it will take until we can get a roofer to come and do a proper job. Today they saw a roofer in the neighbourhood and he said he had 300 calls.

Meanwhile, today we moved a little farther north to the Scenic View RV Park near Kelowna.

Before we left we took a quick trip into the Penticton Farmer Market.


Lots of leafy stuff as I guess that is what is ready now.





This place had a lineup.



We also bought a venison sausage but with all the condiments on it we couldn’t tell much of a difference from beef.

There were a few craft places as well.


The drive north hugged the shore of the lake moving up and down the hillside.


The Scenic View RV Park is quite small, with only 10 sites, but the reviews were all glowing. It is a little way out of town but we do have a pretty good view of the mountains and a bit of the lake, if you ignore the power line.



The photosphere from the roof.


Another week long stay.

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  1. That wind storm here on Friday was pretty epic. So many big trees, especially pine, were toppled laying on peoples homes, blown down wooden fences and shingles littering the streets everywhere. Good thing your daughter was at your place to take care of things!!! As I write this note there are still about 4,200 Toronto Hydro customers still without power.

    Love the pics of the Penticton Farmers Market! The produce looks amazing!!!

    I checked out the Scenic View RV park website and I love all their rules - makes for a more pleasant stay! You chose well! Enjoy!!!