Monday, June 20, 2011

June 19 - Cape Blanco State Park

After a call from our daughters for Father’s Day we headed out once again. Outside it looks cloudy but the forecast is good. Heading down the coast it cleared up and it was bright sunshine the rest of the day. Definitely one of our better days for weather.

Yes, there was another lighthouse but we went more for the location and the hiking. It is situated out at the end of a peninsula.


We did the lighthouse tour and I did learn one new thing. If they stop the lens from turning during the day to clean it, they have to draw a curtain around it because the sun shining through the lens to one place on shore could start a forest fire. Also this was the only lighthouse that you could go up to the very top and stand next to the lens. All the others you could just poke your head through a hole in the floor.



IMG_0679  IMG_0676


This is a panorama looking back to shore.




We picked the right day to come. The guides said that the yesterday the fog had been so thick they could barely see 100 yards and tomorrow the lighthouse is closed.

We decided to hike the headlands that  you can see to the left in the panorama above and come back on the beach.



It was about 1.5 miles each way. The trail was horribly crowed. We actually saw one other couple on the trail out and there was a couple on the beach when we got to it but they quickly left and we were alone again. We can’t get over how empty everything is. Even on the highway, which is the only way up and down the coast, we can go for long stretches being the only car in sight.

We had lunch at a picnic table looking out over the shoreline.






It fascinating how each side of the peninsula collects difference debris. One side is full of rocks of all sizes from larger than sand size particles to fist size rocks; some look like red jasper, zebra jasper, tree agate. They all look so pretty, it is hard to resist so I collected some specimens. The sand is darker and courser.




On the other side debris is abundant; there are very few pebbles, some broken shells, crab remnants, lots of driftwood and the sand is much finer and lighter coloured. There were many more people utilizing this side with the carved cubbies in the side of the rock, vast expanse of flat beach and warm puddles of water after the frigid waves roll in and get trapped in lower lying sand flats and subsequently warmed by the hot baking sun.



We could drive the car down onto this beach so we went for a little cruise until the sand got a little soft. We still get a bit of a thrill driving down these wide empty beaches with the waves crashing beside us.

IMG_6118 IMG_6121


Jennie added some more specimens for her collection while Stuart just sat and watched on this perfect day.



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