Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2 - Touring around Tillamook

All the guide books say you have to stop and tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Today was the day for us and obviously a lot of other people. The factory has a large visitors parking lot and it was pretty full. You go in and can view the factory floor from a second floor gallery. You can see the packaging line which had a lot of movement and then the vats the cheese was made in. Also lots to read on the history of the factory.



Sampling the cheese.


And the ice cream.



In the afternoon Stuart wanted to visit the Tillamook Air Museum. Jennie was not interested so she went for some retail therapy.



The planes in the museum were interesting, around 40 mostly WWII planes (P-38 Lightning, Catalina flying boat, F14 Tomcat, P51 Mustang) but the highlight was the building itself. It is a WWII blimp hanger. The thing is massive, 1000 feet long, 15 stories high, 300 feet wide and no internal supports. It had over 7 acres of floor space and it is all made of wood due to the metal shortage during the war. It could hold 8 250 foot long blimps. After looking at the planes I just stood a one end for a while and just stared up. Makes you feel very small.






To get some scale that circular item in the center at the back on the floor is a HUGE steam locomotive. Some pictures from their web site are below.



Each of these blimps are over 150 feet long.

Very cool place.

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