Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3 - Walking Along Cannon Beach

We were going to take a day and just veg a bit but we woke up and it was beautiful and warm out. We couldn’t waste our first really nice day so we went back to Cannon Beach and walked the entire beach.





After dinner in the RV, we went back to the beach at our campground to watch the sunset.






Walking back to the campsite we noticed a strong smell of lighter fluid. We had seen a campfire on the beach so though nothing of it. Later Stuart was sitting outside the RV watching the stars when a woman came by and asked if he knew that there was a grass fire in the dunes behind the campground. Quickly there there were 3 fire trucks in the campground. The fire was just behind a site about 5 site up from us at the top of the dunes. About 1000 square feet of grass were burning. We were amazed at the disinterest of the other campers. Everyone just sat around their campfires as if nothing was happening.

The firemen quickly had the fire under control and it was about 1 am by the time they had cleaned up and left. We never did hear how they thought it started.


The little light at the right is one of the firemen’s head lamps.



Notice that our RV is the one in the background.

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