Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 28 – Crescent City

It started raining heavily last night and didn’t stop till almost noon. The campground owner said we got about 1 1/2 inches. With the rain and the hike yesterday it was very late before we got out of bed.

Rather than hike in the mud we decided to check out the local large town. The owner recommended a few places to see. Most of them didn’t work out as, when we got there, a thick fog had descended. 


On looking back it might have interesting being among the trees in the fog.

The owner did say the magic word “Walmart” so Jennie spent some time there stocking up, while Stuart went to the visitor’s center  to see if they had anything new.

The owner also recommended a fish and chip restaurant by the harbour so we went for dinner. It was very busy (a good sign) and we got one of the last tables before the lineup started. We had a great crab sandwich and a good grilled fish and chips.

Kind of a slow day but we need those every once in a while. It seems that staying at each place at least 5 nights allows us to not feel we are missing things if we take a day off.

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