Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21 – To Gold Beach, Oregon

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It is a sunny day with the warmest (21 C) morning temperature we have had in Oregon so naturally it is a travel day.

Another short jump down the coast to the Oceanside RV Park in Gold Beach. Initially we commented that the drive was kind of boring but then it got “interesting” quickly. Up and down, switchbacks and edges of cliffs which are that much worse when you can see over the guard rails being so high in the RV.

As the campground name suggests our spot faces the ocean and we should get some nice sunsets. Unfortunately we are right next to a jetty that protects  a river entrance. On the end of the jetty is a fog horn that goes off about every 20 seconds. It’s not really loud where we are but it takes a while to forget about it.



As usual we headed into town to hit the visitor’s information center for a lot of good info. We heard from some other people there that we have been pretty lucky. Father south it has been very foggy. Even Cape Blanco got foggy again after we left.

We went a little south to Cape Sebastian State Park. The parking lot is 700 feet up and was supposed have spectacular north and south views but it was foggy when we got there.


But then it magically cleared for a few minutes.


This is a very thin cape and the wind was VERY strong. It was very interesting watching the fog blow up and over.


There is a trail out to the end of the cape that is part of the Oregon Coast Trail. They have basically cut a trench through the dense brush and when the growth gets taller it is a tunnel. It was weird walking in calm air yet hearing the wind and seeing the fog blow over our heads.





We only did a bit of the trail as we will save going out to the end for another day when we can actually see the view.

After dinner we went out to the jetty by the campground to watch the crashing waves (again). We never get tired of it.



Lots of people come out to the jetty to fish and watch the sunset.


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