Friday, September 2, 2011

Sep 1,2 – To Yellowstone National Park

Two long 5 hour days of driving to get to our RV park at West Yellowstone, Montana. We will be here for 12 days.

Yesterday we had rain and a bit of hail for about 1/2 hour.


Then we drove in the sun the rest of the way.


But we always seemed to be surrounded by storms in the distance.






Does anybody have any idea what this thing is. It must be something to do with hay because we saw them in fields with rolls of hay.


We didn’t even disconnect the car in the RV park last night. I guess I was tired because I forgot to even get one picture. It was an early, cold night and only 4 Celsius when we woke up.

Today I-90 was pretty boring.


A few nice long distance views.


One downhill after a long slow climb gave us a little more excitement. It was steep and enough curves that the speed limit for trucks was only 25 mph. It was tough to keep the RV that slow.


Once off the interstate we followed highway 191 along a river valley up another 2000 feet to West Yellowstone at 6600 foot elevation.



This RV park is tiny. We had trouble fitting the RV in the spot.


Below is the entire rest of the park. Our RV is just out of the picture to the right


After setting up, since we hadn’t had lunch yet we walked down the street and I had a huge buffalo burger.  It didn’t taste very different, much like good lean beef. We only needed soup for dinner.

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