Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 Pacific Northwest Summary

In the summer of 2011 we explored the US Pacific Northwest, mainly Oregon and Washington State but hitting Glacier, Yellowstone and Badlands National parks on the way back home.

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The map below marks the major places we visited. If you click on a marker you will get a link to the first post for that area.

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Favourite Days

While almost everyday of the trip was great and I encourage you to look at them all, these are the ones I consider the most memorable. 

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Crater Lake
Crater Lake NP
Olympic NP
Olympic NP
Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier Railway
Glacier NP
Glacier NP
Yellowstone NP
Badlands NP
North Cascades NP
Grand Coulee


4 1/2 months or 140 days since we left home (May 10 – Sep 26). Together with last year that makes about 250 days we have stayed in the RV.

Stayed in 13 states, travelled through 4 more

37 campgrounds

9900 pictures saved (who know how many taken, at least double)


  1. 14000 km on the RV
  2. 12000 km on the CRV just in day trips. Wow.
  3. 320 km walking


  1. $4000 in gas for the RV
  2. $1000 in gas for the CRV
  3. $4200 in campground fees or about $30 a day
  4. As we mostly do no cost stuff like hiking during the day we only spent about $400 on extras like the dune buggy’s and the Lake Chelan cruise.
  5. $80 for National Parks/Monuments annual pass (I think we got our money’s worth)
  6. $30 for Oregon state parks annual pass
  7. $30 for Washington state parks annual pass
  8. I didn’t calculate food because we would have had to buy that at home
  9. We also ate out about as much as when at home.

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