Saturday, June 10, 2023

June 10 – Fundy Trail Parkway Day 4

A grey and cloudy day but at least it didn’t rain.

A major loss for the community today. The local gas station and convenience store burned down last night. During the night I had heard a few sirens but they seemed very far off. We must be very sound sleepers because the gas station is right at the end of the driveway into the campground. As we drove out we had no idea and then saw all the flashing light and people watching. There were 5 firetrucks there but by now the fire had been put out and the place was just smoldering. Thankfully the gas tanks were not touched. There is a bakery in the store so we wondered if the ovens started it. Very sad.


But life goes on so we headed out for our hike of the day. We took the Footpath to Seely Beach that runs 1.4 km one way from the road down to the beach. The Google maps elevation description was “mostly flat”. It was not even close to flat. It drops about 300 feet in a kilometer and we felt every foot climbing back up.

Most of the trail was wide and not too rough but there were a lot of wet spots from small streams crossing the path.


There were also lots of downed tree that a bit of chainsaw maintenance would have fixed.


Near the bottom the description had warned of a stream crossing where you would most likely have to get wet. We had even brought some extra shoes but it turned out that there were enough rocks that we could make it across and stay dry (both ways).


We got to the beach at almost exactly low tide so there was lots of area to explore for treasures.


The description said that there were some interesting formations at the point so off I went.


While Jennie did her thing.


At the point some huge boulders had broken off the cliff face and crashed down to the beach.


Without a frame of reference it is hard to judge the size but most of them were at least 10 to 15 feet tall.


Again some photospheres give a better feeling photosphere1, photosphere2, phosphere3.

After I headed back to Jennie we sat and had lunch on our private beach.


Heading back, this poor tree along the shore was almost painful to look at.


Back in town we had to take a picture of the mural on the local museum.


Tomorrow we move down the coast to Fundy National Park. I am not sure about the internet connectivity there so the post may be delayed.

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  1. As always you really capture what the beaches, trails and landscape look like so well! Very peaceful there! With your cast amount of material of all the hiking trails and beaches and parks across Canada and the USA you could publish a great set of travel guides!!