Thursday, June 8, 2023

June 8 – Fundy Trail Parkway Day 2

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Our first stop for the day was back to Long Beach because we wanted to see what it looked like a low tide.


This morning.

The pictures don’t really show how much more beach there is. There are a couple of people out at the shoreline in the center of the picture below.

More beach meant more treasure hunting.

Right at the high water mark there were a lot of these tiny fish that seem to have gotten stranded.

The forecast today called for cloudy with a chance of rain and then sunny in the afternoon. We never did get rain but with these far off views of the clouds were very dramatic.

I decided to walk out to the shoreline while Jennie did her thing.


Jennie is the tiny blue dot.

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Onwards to the very east end of the parkway.

We first did a loop trail S out to McLeod Brook Falls (#4 below) and then out to the viewing platform (#16) for Walton Glen Falls (#3). In total the red line was about 3.8 km,

The western part of the loop was an easy old ATV trail. Since we were now far from the coast, in the forest, the mosquitoes were out in force.

Then down a long set of the very uneven ladder stairs.

To McLeod Brook Falls.

A photosphere.

I have got to start wearing brighter colours and I don’t know why I look so serious.

From a little farther downstream. I just noticed that I posed almost exactly the same each time.

The second half of the loop was MUCH harder. It was a narrow rooted path that followed the edge of the brook. This was taken at an easy section

There were 3 places where you had to very carefully choose which rocks to step on to cross the brook.There was a wire to hold onto but …

There we left the brook side and had to climb up a very steep and long hill. It took several stops to catch our breath to make it to the top.

Along the way we saw that the trilliums and something called fireweed were blooming.  We missed the red trilliums that finished blooming last week.

At the top the path got wide and flatter again.

The trail out to the Walton Glen Gorge was a wide gravel road so very easy. Once we got there, there was a huge very new fence to make sure you didn’t get near the gorge edge.

The bugs were still bad here but I was hot so I finally switched to a lighter more colourful jacket.


Looking across the gorge to the falls.

A photosphere.

Lunch time.

Once we got back to the car we were done in so we just headed back to the campground.

For dinner, thinking when in Rome, we went to The Caves restaurant for some more seafood chowder and a seafood casserole. Both were very good but VERY rich. 

To work a bit of it off we went for a walk on the beach in front of the campground.

I mostly sat on a log and wondered how far away Jennie would go before she turned back.

A local fishing boat was returning to port.

The weather for tomorrow does not look that great so there are ominous cloud on the horizon, The campground is getting busier.

Another great day.

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  1. Fantastic beaches, waterfalls and great cloudy sky photos. Topped off by the seafood dinner! What else could you ask for!! Also, no crowds!!!!