Friday, March 16, 2001

Mar 16 – Bay of Islands Cruise

Today we went on an all day cruise of the Bay of Islands. We spent most of the day perched up on the bow. This boat moves very fast and there was not a lot to hold on to other than a low railing. It got interesting when it got a bit wavy.


The captain repeatedly warned people on the bow that they would get wet as the waves often came over the front. I always managed to either get my camera in a pocket or at least shield it with my body so it never did get wet. One guy was not so lucky. His multiple thousand dollar video camera got a full blast of a salt water wave. It never started again.


It was a bit dreary when we started off but it gave this picture of a sailing ship a nice look.


At lunch we stooped at this island and some of us climbed to the top to get this great panoramic view.



You can see our boat parked at the dock.


For part of the way a group of dolphins jumped along with the bow wave.16-16016-210

This was our destination, the imaginatively called Hole in the Rock. It was quite pretty though. 16-270

An option for people in a hurry was this very fast boat to get you here and back very quickly.


Our boat was too big to go through the hole but we watched them do it several time.


Their tour was not as fast as usual because their boat broke down and the guy had to get into the water to fix it.


We eventually saw them blast by us on the way back.16-290

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