Thursday, March 22, 2001

Mar 22 – Great Barrier Reef

Today was the day to actually swim on the Great Barrier Reef. During the night the ship had moved out to a section of the reef that seemed to be in the middle of the ocean. The tender would take us out in groups for about an hour. Once everyone on the ship had a turn, they kept making trips for the rest of the day with whomever wanted to go back.

The girls came out with us on the first trip and paddled around in the mask and snorkels. I was very impressed as neither one is a great swimmer and the reef was about 10 feet down. Neither one likes fish much either.

Jennie and I made two more trips back, having lunch in between. The waterproof camera we had just does not convey the colours that we saw. It was an amazing day and we were thoroughly waterlogged by the end.

NZ0033 NZ0032

NZ0030NZ0029 NZ0031

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