Monday, March 19, 2001

Mar 19 – Great Barrier Reef Day 1

This morning we checked out of the hotel and caught the shuttle bus to the docks to board our ship for the cruise on the Great Barrier Reef.

The ship, the Reef Endeavour, can take about 170 passenger but there are only has about 120 passengers on this trip. A large number is a group of dentists on a ”conference”.

I didn’t take any pictures of the ship but found some online.

Lots of streamers went off as we left the dock.


This was our room. The kids had the room next door. There were hardly any children on the cruise. I think ours were the only teenagers. However the crew was quite young and treated the girls very well. They loved the cruise.

23-02023-010-Our Room

At our first stop they asked if anyone wanted to go on a hike to Nudy Beach, except that it was really spelled Nudee and was short for the name of a small creature called a Nudibranch whose shells littered the beach.

There is a small tender that hangs off the back of the ship, We piled in and were taken to shore. First we hiked through a forest called The Secret Garden.

19-040-Secret Garden

Nudee Beach with all the shells and the ship in the background.

19-030-Nudee Beach

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