Wednesday, March 7, 2001

Mar 7 – To Fox Glacier

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Today we drove north to the coast and along it a way to camp near Fox Glacier.

We drove alongside the very scenic Lake Wanaka for a while. That is our motorhome parked in the turnout.

07-010-Lake Wanaka 07-020-Lake Wanaka 

We love waterfalls so whenever we find one, we stop to check it out.


It was obviously a bit colder than Lynn thought when she got out of the RV.


The trail back to the RV through the “Deep Dark Forest” (this has meaning to our family).

07-100-Deep Dark Forest 07-060-To Haast

We stopped at a nice picnic area by a river for lunch. 07-130-River 07-150-Valley

A very low river just as we got to the coast.

 07-180-Low Water

The vegetation on the coast was starting to look very tropical. The road here was very narrow with lots of switchbacks. It was lots of fun still getting used to the left hand drive and shifting with the other hand.

07-190-After Haast 07-200-Highway 07-220-Tasman Sea

The RV rental company also rents out van sized motorhomes. Today we caught up with a caravan of about 20 of them being led on a guided tour of the country. They were driving incredibly slowly but there was no way I could pass them so we just chugged along behind them for quiet a while.

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