Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 7 – To the North Cape of PEI

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It was a long day today. Just the driving part was about 5 hours. We left Fundy at about 9:30 and got to Mill River Provincial Park at about 4.

The drive up from Fundy to the Highway is a bit rough and made for a bumpy ride in the RV.


The highway into Moncton was the usual 4 lane, smooth but boring. We stopped in Moncton to stock up as we are not sure about the availability of grocery stores around our destination.


While Jennie did the shopping I took the CRV for a much needed oil change. Every time I take the CRV in for service the mechanics ask if it’s for sale. It even happens at the Honda dealers. It seems that the early CRVs were really well built and have one of the best Honda engines. These guys were amazed at how good its condition was even though it is 13 years old. A good sign for us being able to keep it a long time.

We had a quick lunch in the parking lot before moving on.

The highways out of Moncton were quite busy. It was oppressively hot so I think everyone was heading to the beach.

The Confederation Bridge to PEI is pretty impressive.


It is about 8 km long and seems to take a long time to get across. Being high up in the RV we got some better views.



We stopped at the collection of shops at the end of the bridge mainly to visit the provincial information center.


We ended up with a lobster sub from Subway that we had for dinner, later at the campground.

The drive across the island was mile after mile of potato field. We forgot to take a picture.

Mill River Provincial Park is laid out very differently from any other park I have seen. It is a collection of circles with the hookups in the center. Everyone gets a third of the circle, making the sites huge. When we got to our site it took us a while just to figure out how we were supposed to park. This whole area was our circle.


Even the ones in the forest are laid out this way. It makes all the sites drive through. 


This is definitely the less busy part of the island. I took a walk through the campground and it is maybe 10% full.

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