Monday, June 17, 2019

June 17 – Fishhook Creek Trail

Today we went a short distance south to the Redfish Lake area to do the 4.4 mile (7 km) out and back Fishhook Creek Trail.

I had read on several websites that it was a really good trail with great views. From the pictures that I saw of the actual trail, I wasn’t sure but we gave it a try. It turned out that there was only one really great view and that was at the very end. I sort of suspected that because on the map of the trail, it just seemed to end in the middle of nowhere. I think it got its good reviews because it is an easy trail as you only climb about 300 vertical feet.

Screenshot (58)

The view at the end was of the three peaks shown on the Google Earth view.

The first part of the trail was the steepest and Fishhook Creek was really roaring, although we could only get close to it in this very shaded area.



The trail follows the valley created by the creek so there were no long distance views. We actually only saw the creek near the start of the trail and then only occasionally.


There were only a few clouds so out came the umbrella as it was hot in the sun.

Through a flower covered meadow.


An interesting log.


Lots of downed dead trees.



Jennie thought this stump looked like a fox head.


The mountains did peek through every once in a while.



And then the view at the official end of the trail.


If you went just a short way out into the meadow you could get a wider view, with the very clear creek in front of the mountains.



The edge of the creek was much more solid than it looked.


The photosphere. And me taking the photosphere.





The bugs started up a bit so Jennie retreated to the backpack to get some bug spray.


Eventually I went back and we had lunch, while being harassed by this guy. He was very bold and it was obvious that he had been fed people food before.


Back to the car.


We then first headed to the visitor’s center to ask some questions about the other hikes in the area.

Screenshot (59)

I wanted to get some shots down the lake with the mountains in the background. Just past the center there was a beach but a ranger wanted $8 to park there. She said we could park for free back at the Redfish Lake Lodge.

The shot from the beach at the lodge. The mountains are mostly hidden.


I tried again from out on the dock, where they rent all kinds of watercraft.


Not much better.


The lady at the visitor’s center said that there was a trail from the center down to the pay beach so we backtracked and tried that.

Getting better.


We’ll try some other vantage points when we come back.

Heading home we could see the rains coming.


We have been alternating between sun and rain all evening.

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