Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aug 12 – Digby Neck

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Today did not look very promising weather-wise in the morning and rain is predicted for the afternoon but we head out to Digby Neck, the long peninsula on the south side of the Bay of Fundy. We had to take two ferries ($2 each return trip), to get to the very tip to Westport Lighthouse.

 0812-1-Ferry on Digby Spit 0812-2-Westport Lighthouse IMG_4474 IMG_8670

Jennie did her usual bit of beachcombing.


We passed this farm on the way.IMG_4476

We then moved on to Balancing Rock (1.6 kms) which was spectacular the way the rocks are loosely perched upon one another. It looks like it is ready to fall but hasn’t for over 200 years.



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