Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aug 7 - Lunenberg

It was a beautiful day for exploring Lunenburg which is very commercially developed and I loved all the stores, artisans and restaurants in historical buildings. The architecture is beautifully restored and so colourful in primary shades that blend with one another.

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We had lunch at the Fish Factory which was fantastic. It was difficult choosing a restaurant, as there are so many all beckoning you in with the scents wafting out to the sidewalk. The menu of the Fish Factory had some interesting offerings. I ordered a Trio Sampler that had Digby Scallops topped with bacon jam, Shrimp in garlic butter and Mushroom caps stuffed with crab covered with cheese (so delicious). Stuart had fishcakes with beans in molasses and a spinach salad with dried blueberries, all of which we thoroughly enjoyed. Of course, we had to sample the seafood chowder ($10) which was so filling; it is a meal unto itself. There was a huge chunk of fish in the middle plus nice cubes of potatoes and other seafood. We consider this chowder to be the best of all we have tasted. Flavour, texture, light broth not too rich with cream or thickeners, just a tasty broth and so full of seafood; yes it was excellent.

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Stuart toured the museum and some historic ships at the pier while Jennie went shopping.

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We went for a bike ride (at last), but only 25 kms and discovered that it is not as flat as we thought it was, travelling in a car. Also, pedaling uses a whole different set of muscles that have not been conditioned to accept this strain yet.

For dinner, we went to The Shore Club in Hubbards Landing for a Lobster Dinner. The food was excellent. When you finally get seated, you are told to remain in your seat until you have placed your entree order with the server. The choices are: small (1 lb) lobster - $29.95, medium (1 ½ lb) - $34.95, large (2 lb) - $39.95; there is also steak, chicken, vegetarian ravioli and a children’s menu ($6.95). Then you are free to help yourself to unlimited quantities of steamed mussels (self-serve) and salad bar. All of the salads that I tasted were quite good and had I the appetite, I would have gone for seconds but I am here for the seafood. Dessert choices were: Wild Nova Scotia Blueberries on a tea biscuit or Lemon cake with whip cream (very good) or Chocolate brownie with ice cream and chocolate/butterscotch sauce (very good too). It was a sensational dinner and part of the proceeds is donated to the Terry Fox Foundation. I think we are going to do more hiking tomorrow. We ate too much.

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