Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aug 4,5 - Halifax

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Yesterday we drove to Halifax in the rain and the winds were buffeting the RV, whistling around parts here and there. Eventually we arrive in Woodhaven RV campground to set up. It is early and still raining so we went to a Mall to shop, as it rained the whole day. We take the evening to review tourist information and decide what we want to see in this area and work it into the weather schedule.

Today the weather is foggy and rain is predicted so we decided to tour the downtown and duck into a museum if it does get wet. We ended up on the boardwalk on Halifax Harbour which is just like being at Harbourfront  in Toronto.. At least it is not raining and we spent the day here walking around, eating, people watching. I am glad that we can cook our own meals as deep fried foods with fries are wearing on me.


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We were tempted but didn’t get anything from the cupcake truck.


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