Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug 9 – To Port Jolie

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It is time to pull up stakes and head to Thomas Raddell Provincial Park to work off some calories and commune with nature.


We arrived just after 1:00 pm, set up and then went for a hike around the various beaches at low tide (7 kms) and high tide. The tidal change is radical in spots, over 5’ when I measured myself to the water line on a boulder. Lots of mosquitoes here and it did not take them long to find me (5 on the left shoulder). The rocks are so sparkly, by the time I got back to the RV, my pockets were full of things; an egg shaped black & white, mica flecks; quartz encrusted, blue clam shells.

IMG_4410  IMG_4409  IMG_4412  IMG_4408



We photographed this orange mushroom that looked like a rose; so beautiful.


A jellyfish.


We went out after dinner to check out the water level difference


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