Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aug 3 – Cape George

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Today we are exploring the region around Antigonish and have picked Cape George’s hiking trail and the lighthouse to explore. We spotted a deer which jumped out at us on the road (it startled me big time). The people in this area have done a good job of making this a tourist friendly place. The Interpretative Centre has maps, information about the sights in the area and bathrooms with flush toilets (how civilized). We picked TH3 to hike. It starts out at the church, crosses the road, through heavy brush with raspberry bushes growing crazy everywhere, winding back and forth up the mountain. The trail is 7 kms long but we only did 5 kms of it because of the narrow path, heavy overgrowth, I took a miss step and twisted my ankle a bit; luckily it was not bad.


Now this trail is high up on a hill. We could not figure out why the rotting, overturned boat hull was just laying in a field with nothing else around.

IMG_4264 IMG_4266

The lighthouse is well kept and the trail was well marked; even I could find the way without getting lost, except for the overgrown brush.

IMG_8030  IMG_8029

The was a huge bush of rose hips here. Anyone for some tea?



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