Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug 15,16 – To Moncton and Hopewell Rocks

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Yesterday we did the long but uneventful drive, mostly on 4 lane highway, back to Moncton to the same campground we stayed at on the way out.


We are revisiting the Hopewell Rocks at low and high tide to explore the cape. The last time we visited in 1998, it was an easy walk along the ocean floor.

0816-1-Hopewell Rocks 0816-2-Low Tide 0816-3-Feelin SmallIMG_4626 IMG_8906

At high tide, kayakers appeared and threaded around the flower pots and caves.0816-8-High Tide

This year, the mud is so thick everywhere on the ocean bed, it is unavoidable and every tourist is caked with this chocolate colour goo; some up to the ankles, others up to the waist, depending on your height and if you fall. The park ranger said that due to the calm waters that lets the mud settle, instead of rough waves and stronger winds carrying the residue away, the mud is accumulating. If you plan to walk around the cape at low tide, bring waterproof footwear and not sandals or flip flops. The mud just sucks the shoes off your feet and the stones are sharp on bare feet. They have hoses and scrub brushes to clean the mud off of whatever.

0816-5-Yuch0816-4-Stuck0816-6-It'll come off0816-7-Cleaning station

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