Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 1 – Whistler Village and Train Wreck Hike

Yesterday was cloudy, cool and it sprinkled rain on and off all day.

This was the view of the valley from the RV park.


Since there would be no views of anything else we decided to just wander around the village at Whistler. We headed in around 11 am and had no trouble driving in or getting a parking spot. I am glad we went in the morning because when we drove home in the afternoon the solid line of stop and go traffic started about 8 km south of town.

Sometimes just cloudy.


Mostly rainy.


There was a brass band playing in one of the squares.


It’s all about the mountain biking here this time of year. Lots of very dirty bikes and people.


We did see some people in ski boots, carrying skis. I heard at the visitor’s center that there is still a lot of snow at the top so not many hiking trails are open up there yet. I had hoped to spend at least a few days wandering around at the top so I guess we will have to find something else to do.

The forecast for today called for partly sunny, which is what we got, including a few sprinkles of rain. In the morning view out the window we could at least tell that there were snow capped mountains out there.


The afternoon view was even better.


I think this peak is called The Black Tusk.



We decided to do the 5 km return, easy hike out to the Train Wreck. In the 1960’s a train hit a corner too fast and some box cars derailed and fell into a canyon. It has become an accepted and even encouraged thing to bring a can of spray paint to decorate the wrecked cars.

The trail is also used by mountain bikers. We saw a few ramps.


I saw this 6 inch “thing” attached to a tree. Without my reading glassed I couldn’t tell what it was so I took a picture. I am still not sure. It seems that someone crocheted some little mushrooms.


When I read about the hike, all that was mentioned was the wreck. We found the raging river that the trail paralleled just as interesting. I am probably including too many pictures of the river but there were so many beautiful views and for some we had to work hard to scramble down clear of the trees.

Our first good look at the Cheakamus River.


Just downstream from here was a small waterfall.


The photosphere.

Looking downstream from here there was a narrow canyon.


More shots of waterfall and canyon as we moved downstream.




At each place we would have to climb down, get the shot and then climb back up to the trail to continue on.

Jennie saw a leaf with this interesting pattern.


I like the fungus.


Since we were going to a train wreck, the tracks were next to us the whole way. Sometimes we had to use them to get by impassable spots on the river bank.


Looking upstream at the small canyon.


The river takes a sharp turn. We could still just barely see the falls.


Another narrow spot.


There were so many pretty spots that it was hard to stop taking pictures.


The photosphere.


Then we finally noticed these strange, unnatural colours in the woods.



These two almost made it down to the river.




Notice the ramp on top of this one. I guess the mountain bikers would launch themselves off. The landing ramp was a long way off.







A photosphere standing in the middle.

Down by the river was another surprise. There was a suspension bridge that allowed access to the wreck from a shorter trail on the other side of the river. I am glad we went our way so that we got those amazing river views.


There was a huge bench on the far side but there was no way Jennie was going across. The bridge was only braced at each end and the slightest footstep would set it wobbling. When no one else was on it I tried to walk as softly as I could and it still moved a lot.


I went across to check out the view and then came back.

A photosphere from the bridge.


We found a nice spot with a view for our lunch.


Heading back, I thought that we would take it easy and just walk along the train tracks. Then I heard a whistle in the distance.


They know that a lot of people are walking here so they gave us lots of warning.



Since it was unlikely that another train would come along soon we continued on the tracks but always listening.


And then home.

We now have this neighbour with all the toys.


They have three young kids. I guess the two oldest get their own ATV.


Looking towards Whistler from the RV it seems that it is always in the clouds. With the lousy weather coming up we may not get a clear day to spend our $60 a person to ride the gondola. We may just have to come back skiing in the winter to get the views.

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  1. Train Wreck Trail is amazing! Don't fret about posting too many waterfall pics!!!