Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 3 – Nairn Falls

It was another day with all kinds of weather. When we got up it was completely cloudy so that meant that we should get the last waterfall out of the way. By the time we got there it had started to clear and actually got very sunny. Then on the way back we went through a downpour and have had alternating sun and rain back at the RV.

Nairn Falls Provincial Park is about 40 km north of us on Highway 99. It is a short 1.5 km, mostly flat, walk into the falls. The trail was cut into the canyon wall so you can always see the river.


Jennie liked this lichen encrusted old tree.


At the falls you must climb up on open rocky area to the viewing platforms at the top.



From the satellite view, the river goes through a narrow slot and down the upper falls. Then a right turn along a channel and down the lower falls. After a left turn it continues downstream.

Screenshot (51)

It was hard to get a full on view of the upper falls.




The photosphere captures it the best.

The corner here is kind of interesting. The water is blocked by a rock wall. It goes underneath the wall in a tunnel. Upstream from the wall, the water swirls in a whirlpool as it enters the tunnel below. Then it bubbles up out of the tunnel on the other side.


I couldn’t decide which of these next shots I like better. This is 3 landscape mode shots stitched vertically. Narrow but taller.


This is 3 portrait mode shots stitched together side by side. Wider but shorter.


Then down the channel to the lower falls.



The lower viewpoint is right at the crest of the lower falls.



You just get a side view but that was pretty good as it was really roaring.



Again a photosphere is better.

Around the corner and on downstream.


There was no place to sit on the viewing platforms so we had lunch on the open rocky area but it faced the wrong way and you couldn’t see the falls.


After a few more looks at both falls we headed back.

On the way we dropped down to the river bank a few times. This is just below the lower falls. You can see the mist from the falls over the large rock.


I took another photosphere here because why not?

Farther along we got the long view back to the lower falls.



Then home.

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  1. We had the same weather when we were in the Seattle area last week. Cloudy mornings from what they call the marine layer and sunny afternoons. Great sleeping weather!!!