Sunday, July 29, 2018

July 29 – Dawson Falls

Today Jennie had an inside air conditioned day. It was supposed to get to the mid 30s (and it did) with no wind.

I had two more things to check off my list. I went back to the Dawson Falls, which were the first falls we visited last Tuesday morning. Then, we had been too early and the sun was behind it, giving terrible shadows. Today I waited until the afternoon (and the hottest part of the day). Some of the falls was in the shadow but at least it was front lit.

Warning, there are a lot of shots of this falls, first because it is massive and hard to get in one shot and second because I moved around to a lot of different places to try different angles.

From the parking lot, it is just a short walk to the “photographer’s viewpoint” for the long view. I wish I had taken a zoomed one from here.


From there it is another short walk to the official viewpoint at the brink.


Then I noticed an unofficial but well used path downstream along the shore to a rocky outcrop, for a more front on view.


The photosphere.

And a bit farther downstream. Each of these two images is an 8 shot panorama. I wish you could see them full size.



And another photosphere from here.

There is a trail in from the other side. I noticed a couple over there. Having them in the picture gives you more an indication of the size of the falls. She is on the rock and he is dangerously close to the rushing water.


If you drive around to the other side there is a short 1/2 km very flat trail in to that brink. You can see the fence in the picture above.


The unofficial trail down to the river bank was very short and very steep.

Partway down gave this view.


Another wide panorama from the river side.


The photosphere is once again much better.



There was a lip at this edge where I could get behind a bit of the falls.


Moving on, there was one more trail I wanted to checkout. At Helmcken Falls there is a short trail that continues down the canyon edge until you can see where the Myrtle River (from the falls) joins with the larger Clearwater River.

I couldn’t resist another shot of the falls as I went by.


There are warning sign for the trail about it closeness to the edge with no fences. Children and dogs are not recommended. I saw both.



I went far enough to see the join but probably didn’t get to the best viewpoint. I was just getting too hot and tired.


And another falls shot on my way back.


When I was at Dawson Falls I wondered how all that water could squeeze through the gap at Helmcken Falls but then you look at that massive column of water and the spray at the bottom.

Then back to the RV and some cool air. We are moving on tomorrow.

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