Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15 – To Alta Lake State Park

It rained during the night for the first time in a long time but by the time we got up the sun was shining again.

We are taking a day long boat cruise up Lake Chelan tomorrow and Alta Lake State Park was the closest, well reviewed, campground where I could get a site.

On the road this morning the RV seemed very sluggish. It just seemed to be struggling to keep any speed at all. I actually stopped twice to see if the CRV’s brakes were on or I had a flat tire. I knew we were climbing but the road didn’t look that steep. I even looked at the GPS to see how high we were and it said 1000 and slowly climbing. Then I remembered that the GPS was still in metric. We were climbing up over a 5500 foot pass but the climb was so subtle that what I thought were flat or down hill was really up hill. The RV magically behaved much better once we got over the top.


We are back to the hot dry side of the mountains. Up to now we were lucky to get temperatures in the low 20sC. Here it is around 30C and everything is dry and crispy.

This is a very pretty campground on a small lake and a beach.


The lake water was actually warm enough that I could probably get in. After a nap I may try.


I even managed to get Jennie a satellite signal through this small slot in the wall of tall trees.


An early morning tomorrow, for us anyway, as we have to be at the dock for 8 am. I know, it’s a hard life.

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