Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20 – Coeur D’Alene Waterfront

This being a Saturday we headed down to the shores on Lake Coeur D’Alene at the city waterfront to see what was happening.

The first chore was finding a parking spot. It was packed. As we walked down to the shore we could hear the roar of un-muffled engines. They were having some hydroplane races today.



I am not sure what the thrill of watching this is. Even though they said they were going about 100 mph they are so far away that they didn’t seem to be moving that fast.

They have a 1/2 mile long floating boardwalk that loops out into the lake and today they had a wooden boat show with all the beautiful boats moored alongside for everyone to admire.


My family will recognize this boat.




The cottage next to use used to have one. You could hear the roar from at as it left the marina more than a mile away and we all had to make sure our boats were secured properly because it put up a huge wake. But is sure was a beautiful boat.


Some were old some were new. I loved the curves on this new one. It had a huge Corvette engine in it.


It was for sale for $325,000 or best offer.

Then there was also this sailboat moored that everyone just stared at. The owners sat there enjoying every minute but pretending not to.



All the above deck structure is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar. The wooden decking was just beautiful. I wonder how many million it cost to build.

Inside the boardwalk was a marina. A lot of money floating there as well.


After that we went on a hike on an undeveloped  peninsula right next to downtown called Tubb’s Hill. The 2 mile trail looped around the outside shore with great views of the lake. A lot of boats were just sitting out there watching the races and enjoying the great weather.






We were pretty hot and tired so it was back to the RV.

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