Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24 – To Glacier National Park

A long 5 hour drive today to the Canyon RV campground in Hungry Horse, Montana just a few miles from the park entrance. Pictures are not great today because it was very hazy.

Once we got off the interstate we followed this nice river valley and pretty much had the road to ourselves.



Once we got onto Highway 93 we drove on a parched plain beside the Mission Mountains.


The drive around Flathead Lake had some nice views but there was no place that I felt comfortable stopping to get some decent pictures.

Some long straight stretches and more traffic but it was flat enough that I didn't hold many people up.


A nice campsite with enough trees for some shade but open enough for a TV signal. Wifi seems good too (you know what our priorities are!).


Due to the long drive, the outside temperature of 35C, losing an hour since we are back on Mountain Time and the fact that we are going to be here 8 days, we didn’t even bother going to the visitors center today.

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