Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7 – Still at the Cottage

Well, surprise, surprise! I called Shaw Direct this morning and the part for the dish had not even been shipped yet. I think we will leave tomorrow and just switch the good LNB we have between the two dishes. Once we get somewhere that we are going to stay for a week I might ask my brother to just Fed-ex the new one up to us.

On another note, we have been woken up by an alarm at 6:00 am, going off somewhere in RV, every morning since we got here.  It seems to last about 30 seconds so by the time I wake up, realize what is happening and get up to try and find it, it has usually stopped. Just looking around during the day I couldn’t figure out what it was. It is amazing the number of electronic gadgets we have in the small RV that have a clock and the capability of producing an alarm. Regular clocks, laptops, iPad, iPods, and phones. This morning I got up fast enough that I at least localized the area of the sound. I think I finally figured out that it is our weather alert radio. I had to reset it a while ago and when setting it up again I guess I accidentally enabled the alarm. We will see tomorrow morning.

In the meantime we have had a relaxing time with some great weather.

Exploring the beaches.



I hope everyone got out to see the big full moon on Saturday.


Here is a link to a great picture of the moon over Toronto taken by one of the members of my astronomy club.

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  1. We're still in Redmond, WA and we DID get a chance to see the full moon on Saturday night. It was actually a clear night for a change! Love your shot of the moon!!