Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Aug 1 – Syphon Falls

A very short post for a short day.

It was another hot one so we just decided to do a very short hike to a nearby small falls and have lunch.

It’s just over 1/2 km from the trailhead to the falls, which is a really good thing because the mosquitoes were really bad. The first part of the trail was very easy.


Then it got rockier and steeper as we climbed the cliff along side the creek to the falls.


We knew from the amount of water in the creek that the falls would be very small. Surprisingly there were much fewer bugs right at the falls.


Just downstream from the falls, this log crossed over the valley. We could tell from the packed down earth at each end that a lot of people walked across. I would say it was 8-10 foot drop if you fell off.


As it was nice a cool here and there were some interesting rocks around, we stayed for a while.


A wider view.


The photosphere.

Then another group came and decided that they needed to climb all over the falls.


We headed back towards home. They were not prepared for the bugs so did not stay long and were practically running as they caught up to us.

Then back to air conditioning.

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  1. Nice hike! That log walk across the valley - not for me!!!!