Thursday, August 23, 2018

Aug 23 – Ainsworth Hot Springs

We made the decision to cancel going to Lake Louise and Banff this year so we are going to start our trek back to the cottage in about 1 week. The smoke was starting to bother Jennie’s nose and throat.

Today was even smokier and a bit cooler so we drove about 20 km south of Kaslo to Ainsworth Hot Springs.

The main pool is at 35C or 97F and is just a man made swimming pool.


The water was hot enough to relax you but not so hot that you couldn’t stay in a long time without feeling sick.

There was a small cold plunge pool fed from a local surface stream. It felt very cold and I could only go in up to my knees. Not a lot of people used it.


Their claim to fame is a 150 foot horseshoe shaped cave with waist deep water at an average temperature of 42C or 108F. The water from the actual natural hot spring is at 47C or 117F and is cooled before being allowed in the cave or main pool.

A very distorted panorama of the entrance and exit of the cave.


Someone offered to take our picture but a drop of water on the lens covered part of my face. I’ll include it anyway.



A spray of water was coming from the roof just short way in.


Some interesting formations. It was rather dim in the cave so the flash pictures show us more of what was there. Our little waterproof camera did a pretty good job.




More water flowing in here.





I am not sure what this red thing was.



Heading out.


You could only stay in the cave water a short while because it was very draining. I started to get light headed so it was back to the main pool.

We actually started with a quick walk through the cave, then a long soak in the main pool and then did the cycle one more time.



We stayed for about 2 hours. $12 a person.

We tried to have pizza for lunch in Kaslo but the place was closed so our alternate was a small place that made some pretty good halibut fish and chips.

Tonight, the almost full moon is a bit red.


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  1. Nothing like a soak in the hot springs! We really enjoyed our "swim" in the Radium Hot Springs last year!!