Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13 – To Columbia River Gorge

A longer than usual 290 kilometer drive up the middle of Oregon to the Columbia River at the border with Washington State. Of course now that we don’t need the sun as much it is a bright sunny day, not that we are complaining.

Talk about a change of scenery. We started at 6500 foot elevation and ended at about 300. The temperature inside the RV this morning was 7C. I think we will be sleeping without blankets tonight. A no hookup site to a full hookup site. An almost empty forest service campground to an almost full state park. The middle of nowhere to having Interstate 84 about 100 feet from our back window.

We are back to the high desert on the trip since we are on the eastern dry side of the Cascade Mountains. We love these wide open vistas. All the pictures are through the bug splattered windshield.


We think this is Mount Hood in the background.


The elevation change was nice in that the first half of the trip was almost all downhill which is great for the gas mileage. The second half had a lot of passes to climb and down. One climb was 5 miles of 25-30 mph. I don’t like to press the engine too hard to get up these and we are in no hurry.

The highway 97 part was your normal two lane. The highway 197 part was much more fun and I do mean fun. Zigzagging up and down with lots of tight hairpin curves. It would have been a blast in a sports car.




We thought these towers looked like Betty Boop.



Then a short bit of I-84 beside the Columbia River to the campground.



Into our spot at Memaloose State Park.


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